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hemp cbd ointment

Natural Pain Relief Cooling-Warming Hemp Ointment



Product Description

Natural cooling and warming double acting ointment of camphor, hemp extract and menthol. Purpose: Gel is used as a means of hygiene and medical care for skin, improve metabolism in the muscles, ligaments and joints. The gel has a unique dual action, which provides a good working process of relaxation. Originally developed cooling effect of the essential oil, eucalyptus and mint, which quickly and deeply penetrates the tissue. Then it starts warming, relaxing influence of camphor and pepper extract, which reduce pain and reduces inflammation, immune system, accelerates the process of restoration and healing damaged tissues. Activation of microcirculation provides relief and reduce the risk of inflammatory processes, associated with surface damage. In combination with massage, is used for muscle recovery, to recover from stress and fatigue. Instructions for use: Apply the gel on a clean surface of the skin and gently rub into the skin. Use two to three times a day. The gel can not be flushed. You can use it in combination with any medication. Hypoallergenic. Do not apply to damaged skin, avoid contact with mucous membranes. Ingredients: Purified water , natural menthol, hemp extract, phytocomplex (pepper extract, propolis, labrador tea, comfrey root, birch leaves, camphor, clove carnation essential oil, essential eucalyptus oil), glycerin. Store in cold, dark place +5 to +25 degrees.

Content: 200 ml


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