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organic garlic powder

Pure Garlic Extract – Immune Support, Vegan Friendly – Raw Garlic in Liquid Form – Natural Superfood with Nutrients/Minerals



Product Description

The main feature is that it kills bacteria and viruses.
Garlic has always been known to be healthy. But in these times it can really help us, because in addition to the usual active ingredients that give us strength and vital energy, there are quite a few vitamins that are of great importance for health. Garlic contains a vitamin C that slows down aging and kills free radicals. It enriches white blood cells, which means energy and power. Provitamin A – provides humidity to our lungs and thus strengthens the lungs – thus reducing respiratory inflammation in both children and adults. Vitamin B1 or Tiamin – is important for maintaining healthy nerves, which we all still need, since it is the calm blood that gives us a healthy immune system. Riboflavin or B2 Vitamin increases our energy levels as it converts our food on the way to cells and thus provides energy.
But it is an essential feature that does not have many medicinal plants, and that is: the consumption of garlic in a concentrated form, such as droplets or tincture, reduces the content of harmful bacteria in our bodies, several bacteria and parasites. It is suitable for both, children and adults and safe to use.

Our classic formula can be used for a long period of time. Simply store in a cool dark place.

Usage: Take 3 times daily before meals 20 drops in 100 ml of warm water or tea.

Content: 100ml